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Business Litigation

Even when businesses are well established and stable, litigation is a reality that businesses must contend with and prepare for.

When facing contractual disputes, whether due to a breach of contract, contractual ambiguity which arises due to a lack of legal oversight, or simply as a result of unforeseen circumstances, it is critical to have legal guidance. The proper legal guidance can help to ensure that any resulting damage is minimized or damages to your business are recovered.

Disputes internal to businesses such as a breach of fiduciary duty by a board member, company officer, or business owner, can threaten the very existence of a business. In the face of internal strife, legal guidance both to the company and the individuals at issue is important. Regardless of how you find yourself dealing with internal legal issues, whether you are an owner looking to enforce your rights against other owners or an officer who discovers financial wrongdoing in your company, it is essential to have legal guidance as you work through the tumultuous process.

As with any litigation, the sooner you consult with a business attorney when a dispute occurs, the more informed and better positioned you’ll be do deal with the situation. An experienced business attorney at Arctos Law can help you evaluate and negotiate away disputes and become your litigation lawyer in the event an early resolution cannot be reached to enforce your contractual, statutory, and common law rights.

At the heart of almost every action a business takes is a contract. A common question is whether or not there is a proper method for writing a contract; but, all contracts, from a non-disclosure agreement to a business purchase agreement, are all efforts to make sure that all sides are in full agreement to the particular terms of a deal, including how the each side will interact. There is no one-size fits all contract.

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