Real Estate Law

Property Ownership & Encumbrance Disputes

Unfortunately, despite the best intentions of realtors, title insurance companies, banks, and the buyers and sellers, disputes can and do arise regarding who owns the real property and how much of it they own. Also, disputes often come up when property rights of owners of nearby land are at odds. Given the many and varied uses of real property, the complicated laws and equities which govern real property can manifest in any number of ways such as:

  • An old road is moved by the city or a river alters course causing property lines to shift
  • Property is divided up into separate lots or reintegrated
  • Zoning and environmental protection issues prevent road access to a parcel of purchased or inherited land
  • A retaining wall on adjoining land has fallen into disrepair and looks unstable

At Arctos Law we can clarify and explain these issues and help you work with your neighbors, regulatory authorities, banks, and others to resolve the issues amicably and we are prepared to defend your property rights through legal action when it becomes appropriate.

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