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There are few things as exciting, challenging, and promising as starting your own business and Arctos Law shares your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s why Mitchell and Eric established Arctos Law. They wanted to practice law in a way that they did not see nor experience other firms practicing. At Arctos Law we strive to avoid the seemingly aloof and arm’s length interactions that characterize many attorney-client relationships and offer a better sense of control over what is ultimately the clients’ vision. Arctos Law prefers to engage clients at every level of decisions making while offering guidance and defined paths from which to choose. We work with our clients and work through multiple potential paths towards the client’s goals or solutions to the complex problems our clients face.

In the excitement and logistical problem solving that accompanies the adventure of building a business, the entire world of entity formation laws and legal compliance is often overlooked or underappreciated at the outset. Whether the idea that spurred the creation of a business is one that reshapes the way that an industry or consumers think about the world around them or stems from a drive to simply offer a product or service in a better way, that drive and passion can easily be diluted and spread thin by the collision with the realities of our legal system.

More often than not, a lack of proper legal guidance or simple neglect of the legal issues surrounding the establishment of a business can result in costly fines or litigation. An experienced business attorney can offer a clear picture of the issues unique to each business as requirements can vary widely depending on your industry and business model.

At the heart of almost every action a business takes is a contract. A common question is whether or not there is a proper method for writing a contract; but, all contracts, from a non-disclosure agreement to a business purchase agreement, are all efforts to make sure that all sides are in full agreement to the particular terms of a deal, including how the each side will interact. There is no one-size fits all contract.

An experienced business attorney will help ensure that your needs and goals, as well as your obligations, under a contract are clear. Clarity is the easiest way to avoid a situation that results in a breach of contract, or a breach of a fiduciary duty, due to lack of communication or mistake. An experienced business attorney will help ensure your interests are protected so you may better rely on the contracts you have in place.

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